Image: Hydra Sports Custom/Facebook

World’s Largest Outboard Center Console Will Give Your Boat Self-Esteem Issues

Image: Hydra Sports Custom/Facebook

Coming equipped with quad Seven Marine 557’s or 627’s, this boat could take you anywhere short of launching you into space. This monster has too much horsepower to count (up to 2,228 and 2,508 on the 557 and 627, respectively) and certainly more than you’ll ever actually need. Whether you’re fishing a few miles off-shore or hundreds of miles away, there aren’t many things that’ll get you there quicker.

Awarded… Best in Show, Miami International Boat Show, February 2015
Awarded… Mil-Tough Rating, Structural Composites, February 2015
Awarded… Top Product, Boating Industry Magazine, May 2015

From HydraSports:
The most common question has been, “Why such a large boat?” The answer is simple according to Elias De La Torre III, CEO of HydraSports Custom boats, “We’ve sold 140 of the 42’ center consoles and our boat owners have requested a larger boat to move into.” After extensive market research and input from current HydraSports boat owners it seemed the market was finally ready.

As with all HydraSports Custom boats, 53’ Sueños, will have very limited production. The plan is to build no more than 12 of these boats per year for world-wide distribution via a network of factory direct test centers.

The HSC53 hull is the first boat to be awarded Structural Composites’ MIL-TOUGH Rating. The MIL-TOUGH Rating comes from the design and use of performance composite materials including Interplastic Vinyl Ester Resin, Kevlar, Prisma Advanced and MEGAFORM composite preforms and high strength engineered orthotropic fiber reinforcements. By leveraging millions of dollars of US Navy research on advanced combatant craft, HSC53 features an advanced single skin hull bottom and transom offering the ruggedness of single skin construction at a lighter weight than sandwich construction. CLICK HERE to read More about the technology behind 53 Sueños in the January 2016 issue of Composites World Magazine.

Innovation starts with the HSC53 lamination and advanced structural construction. Enhanced by power supplied by Yamaha or Seven Marine whose cooperation with the build have provided for maximum propulsion and innovative control systems with joystick steering; available with Yamaha Helmaster for quad engine applications. The combination offers performance when needed, plus agility and precision when on station or docking.


Designed for minimal bow rise and accompanied by an elevated helm station offers uninterrupted visibility of the horizon. The helm is integrated with triple Garmin 8000 series electronics. This makes for the ultimate safe passage while underway. These state-of-the-art electronics utilize environmentally safe AGM batteries and Master Volt charging system to monitor and charge all batteries on board. This provides enough 12v power to run the cabin air conditioning without need for a generator.

The HSC53 is the ultimate angling correct fishing machine sporting 40 rod holders, dual pressurized baitwells, is pre-rigged for electric deep drop rods, a massive rigging station, tons of tackle storage and fish boxes so large you are likely over your limit if you fill them.

While fishing reigns, comfort abounds. Under the console is a surprisingly spacious cabin with air-conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, seating, separate head with shower and a queen size berth. Luxurious and puncture-proof carbon fiber upholstery is customized to match the boat’s hull and is utilized for all seating and bolsters. At the helm, suspension seat pedestals provide a smoother, more comfortable ride. Fish boxes, coolers and freezer are custom built-in components made by Frigid Rigid. A rocking Wet Sounds sound system is standard. Able to run at high speeds in any conditions, the HSC53 is specifically designed to be the most comfortable angling correct boat ever built.

With careful oversight from HydraSports Custom ownership; the design team has not only built the world’s largest center console but they have totally reinvented boating… again.


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