Watch Man Slap Molten Metal Like It’s Nothing

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We were fairly certain we were about to watch a guy have his arm melted off (or at least burned very badly) when we watched this guy approach a stream of red-hot metal.

Surprisingly, when he runs his hand through the metal, nothing happens and he seems perfectly fine. Then he does it a few more times for good measure and walks away like he was splashing around in water.

So how is it this guy didn’t get seriously burned?

It’s most likely because of the Leidenfrost effect. This effect is the same thing that causes water droplets to seemingly dance over a hot pan. What’s actually happening is the water is evaporiting on the side touching the metal, creating a protective layer of gas between the water and the metal.

Water can be seen dripping off his hand right before he touches the liquid metal.

This is basically the same effect, just on a much more dangerous looking scale. The moisture on his skin instantly boils and allows him to safely pass his hand through the molten metal. But he has to do it quick.

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