Watch Diehard Angler Reel in Solo Swordfish from 1300′ in Skiff ‘Old Man and the Sea’ Style

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We’ve all had bad days on the water (still better than being at work). This goes to show that it doesn’t matter how bad your luck has been for the day or how many setbacks you face, it just takes one catch to turn it all around.

Video description from Vimeo:

After finally nailing a solo sword in part 2, part 3 tries to recreate the success and prove it was not luck.

After a long day with no bites, the last drop proves it worth as I come up tight on a fish. Finally hooked up, a sword is on his way from the deep (1300′) when gear failure does its best to ruin the day just 100′ from surface. What follows is my best old man and the sea rendition and a tiresome and at times chaotic final 10 minutes.

Not my biggest solo sword but definitely the most memorable!!

Warning: Video contains NSFW language

Location: Port Eads, Venice, Louisiana
Depth: 1300′
Rod: Crowder Rods DD50 with Winthrop Tackle Adjusta-Butt
Reel: Daiwa Megatwin 1000 (aka Megafail)
Main Line: 1000m 80lb Jerry Brown Hollow Core
Bait: Double J STB Style Rigged Mullet
Boat: PangaMarine 20′ SuperSkiff
Video: GoPro 3+ mounted on Mr Longarm

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