Watch the Incredible Moment a Family Discovers Their Dog Survived a Deadly Wildfire

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After being forced from their home in California by a wildfire with only seconds to get out, the Weaver family had to hurry. Amid the chaos, they got separated from their dog, Izzy. They were certain she couldn’t have made it after running off and getting lost.

In the video, Jack Weaver and his brother-in-law Patrick Widen film as they search the devastation around the Santa Rosa property.

“The anticipation is killing me,” Jack says as they search for the dog. What they discover is truly a miracle and something any pet owner who’s ever lost a pet and thought they were dead can imagine.

“Izzy’s here! Izzy! Izzy, come here, baby!” Jack says as she happily runs up to him.

Just a heartwarming story to share in the middle of all this devastation. My parents woke up with flames surrounding their house in wikiup bridgeway and had seconds to get out. In the chaos of trying to escape, my parent's dog Izzy ran from them. My mom couldn't chase after her without risking her own life. They had to drive through walls of flames and across a burning wooden bridge to get to mark west springs road and to safety. They lost everything, but my mom was most devastated about leaving Izzy. My brother and husband were determined to try to get back to my parents property to see if by some miracle Izzy survived. They were turned away by police officers, but if you know my brother Jack or husband Patrick…neither one likes to be told no. They ended up hiking just under 3 miles to my parent's property. This video shows the last part of their hike up to my parent's house. It's a little long, but the ending is worth the watch.

Posted by Beckyjean Widen on Thursday, October 12, 2017

“They lost everything, but my mom was most devastated about leaving Izzy,” wrote daughter Beckyjean Widen.

“She went from being devastated about losing her home to the being the happiest person I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t get home fast enough. She was really, really happy … She’s still shaken up by the whole thing, but she’s in much better spirits now that Izzy is at our house,” Jack told the Associated Press.

Izzy was checked out by a vet and was found to be in great health. Which is truly incredible since the fire destroyed 35,000 acres in Santa Rosa.

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