Two Anglers Unknowingly Eat $120,000+ Pair of Redfish


CCA Florida has promoted over 25 years of marine conservation, and recently they released 150 tagged redfish in Florida waters – with a chance to win nearly $500,000 in prizes & scholarships.

In order to win, you have to register. Recently two anglers caught tagged redfish – but were not registered – and both were taken home for dinner! Here’s their story from the CCAFLStar Facebook page:


*****BREAKING NEWS!!!******

You might want to sit down for this one.

We had TWO tagged redfish caught yesterday afternoon. TWO!! And NEITHER angler was registered!!

Folks, this is not a drill. These fish are hungry. They are being caught. And people are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime because they aren’t registered!….Are you registered?

The first tagged fish from yesterday evening was caught in St. Pete. The angler had not heard of CCA or STAR, and the 19″ redfish was harvested for dinner.

Later on in the evening, our second offender strikes….but this time, in Gulf Breeze. This angler was also unaware of the tournament and the rules, and also had his Contender for dinner.

Considering you’re reading this post, it’s safe to say you have heard of us. Do NOT let this happen to you. So tell us again why you haven’t registered??



Last year’s CCA Florida STAR tournament on the Gulf coast was so successful that the tournament is including all of Florida for 2016. CCA Florida will release over 150 specially tagged redfish, making them the STAR attraction in the CCA Florida State-wide Tournament and Anglers Rodeo (STAR). This year’s kick-off is at sunrise on Saturday, May 28, Memorial Day weekend and ends at sunset, Labor Day, September 5 offering participants a total of 101 fishing days!

A chance to win nearly $500,000 in prizes & scholarships makes CCA Florida STAR the largest family friendly saltwater fishing competition in the state. Catch one of the first tagged redfish and you could win a new GMC Pick-up truck, boat, motor and trailer package worth over $40,000 or a college scholarship worth up to $25,000.  Enter a photo of any of the other eligible species you catch in the additional divisions for the opportunity to win more terrific prizes.

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