Major Headache: Neighborhood Residents Spot Gator With Knife In Its Head

Image: Screenshot

That doesn’t belong there

An alligator with a knife lodged in its head was spotted swimming around by residents in Orchard Lake Estates, a lakeside community in Sugar Land, Texas.

Neighbors in the Fort Bend County, Texas neighborhood are understandably angry and confused as who would stab the gator and why they would have done it.

Erin Weaver was out on a morning walk when she says she spotted the gator near some rocks.

“He kind of turned and came right towards me, and he swam right over here along the rocks here, and he sat there. And it was actually a knife—it looked like a steak knife—sticking out of his head,” Weaver said.

It appears the knife is jammed in right near the alligator’s eye, judging from the pictures.

Fortunately for this reptile, gators are a very resilient species. They even have blood that contains antibiotic properties, allowing for a fast healing process that lets substantial damage heal quickly.

Don’t go stabbing random reptiles

“I feel that somebody did this on purpose,” Weaver continued.“I want to get help for this alligator. I don’t want to see an alligator swimming around with a knife in its head and suffering.”

It’s hard to imagine a situation where someone didn’t do this intentionally.

Whatever their reason for stabbing the gator, it doesn’t look like it’d fall under proper safety precautions when dealing with alligators.

If someone is going to get close enough to stab a gator with a random knife, there’s a good chance they should’ve turned around and gone home.

Maybe the stabber has just seen Crocodile Dundee (Warning: Probably Slightly NSFW) a few too many times; who knows?

Whoever did this may want to watch their back near the water. Because from how it sounds, this alligator won’t be taken out by this “minor” knife to the head.

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