Hunting Dog Shot, Killed, Hung From Gate Next to Handwritten Sign


Horry County (South Carolina) Police are involved after photos of a deceased dog suspended by his hind legs from a fence made the rounds on social media. The dog’s carcass had been placed on the private property entrance to a hunting club.

A cardboard sign next to the dog read:

“His name was Lamonte. Try calling his name or calling me next time. He couldn’t read that well.”


Horry County police and DNR are investigating the incident. DNR agents said it’s possible someone shot the dog elsewhere and brought it to the barricaded area according to WYFF News 4.

The entire situation has reignited a ferocious national hunting debate, as more and more areas are shutting down “dog hunting” entirely. Horry County Police Lt. Rick Bonney stated, “This is a very common dispute between hunters that don’t use dogs and hunters that do use dogs.”

GreenvilleOnline has a thorough breakdown of the hunting regulations where the incident occurred, highlighted by this key information: “In South Carolina game Zones 3 and 4, the area comprising the lower Midlands and coastal plains, hunting deer by driving them with dogs is legal. A pack of dogs is used to drive deer across a piece of property toward waiting stand hunters. Because of shrinking areas of available land and the growing popularity of still hunting, deer dogs frequently cross from one property where hunters have permission to hunt onto adjacent properties where only still hunting is practiced or allowed.”

Below is the photo of the incident. The dog has been blurred out, but it is still a disturbing photo.








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