Guy Videos Insect with the World’s Most Painful Sting (Bullet Ant) Stinging Him, Pure Agony Insues

Image: Screenshot

Getting stung is never fun. It’s actually incredibly terrible. Whether the sting comes from a fire ant, a wasp or something much worse, people will go to great lengths to avoid the pointy end of a stinger. Apparently, Coyote of Brave Wilderness doesn’t subscribe to that belief.

In this latest episode, Coyote collects a bullet ant, the insect with the most painful sting in the world, and goes to great lengths to get that ant to sting him. He succeeds – if you can call what happens after success. He slips into a state of pure agony within 0.2 seconds after getting stung and answers the question of, “should I let a bullet ant bite me?” No. No you shouldn’t.

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