Family Comes Face To Face With Rabid, Snarling Coyote After It Attacks Their Car

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Rabid animal encounters have a way of throwing a wrench in the middle of a perfectly good night.

North Carolina man, John Schroter, and his family were in their car when they spotted a coyote in their neighborhood. There were dogs nearby so they tried to scare it off so it would run off back into the woods.

As you can see, things didn’t exactly work out that way.

The coyote didn’t back off and decided to snarl, baring its bloody teeth and attacking Schroters car. He decided to call 911, who dispatched a vehicle to take care of the situation.

Schroter posted pictures and videos of the encounter on Facebook and continued to post updates.

Saw a [most likely] rabid coyote in my neighborhood tonight. I was trying to scare it off from attacking the neighbor’s dogs and let it return to nature. But then it turned, bared its bloody teeth and attacked my car. So I called 911. After the description of the situation they decided to dispatch. I hope they are able to kill/capture this aggressive coyote before it attacks a person. The neighbor was able to get her dogs safely inside her house. @ Huntersville, North Carolina.

With his continued updates, he let everyone who had seen his post that the coyote had been found and killed by police. The coyote was also sent off for testing where it came back positive for rabies.

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