Dog With GoPro Mount Discovers Bizarre ‘Beast’ In The Forest


This video has some people believing this dog may have discovered the mythical Sasquatch while going for a walk in the woods. With all the Bigfoot enthusiasts out there, it’s no surprise that this footage caused a big uproar online after being shared by the Bigfoot Encounters YouTube channel.

Originally posted last year, the clip reemerged in August and it came with just as many opinions (it’s hard not to have an opinion when a guy films a popular mythical creature or himself in an ape suit) and theories as it did the first time.

The general consensus (and mine) is that this is clearly just some guy either in a suit or that added themselves in the clip over video editing. Judging by the dogs lack of reaction, nothing appears to actually be there.

Is this footage of Bigfoot? We doubt it. Is this footage that a guy created and successfully created a viral debate over the most famous urban legends of all time? You bet it is.

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