An Australian man had one heck of a hitchhiking experience when a snake crawled around to his drivers side window and started tapping on it.

“It was sort of tapping on the window a couple of times, because it obviously wanted to get in,” said Ted Ogier, the man who was driving.

Ogier was on his way back from New South Wales when he realized the venomous red-bellied black snake was trying to get a lift.

“It’d come out from under the engine bay under the bonnet. It was probably a bit warm there.”

Ogier decided to give his co-worker, Kai Pearse, a call to help take care of the snake.

“I just had a broom in the back of the ute and…basically just got him off the car nice and safely, and just ushered him into the bushland off on the side of the road,” Pearse said.

Luckily, they got the snake off and away fro mthe car without injury.

Snakes crawling under the hoods of vehicles isn’t uncommon, especially since they like warm spots like the engine provides. What’s much less common is them crawling all the way to the window of a moving vehicle and repeatedly tapping on it.

We’re hoping poisonous tapping snakes are strictly an Australian thing and the snakes over in the states don’t get any ideas.


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