VIDEO: You’ll Never Have To Get Off The Water With This Incredible Floating Fishing Platform

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Raptorboats just keeps figuring out ways to make us want to buy their products. Honestly, it doesn’t take much convincing for us to want to buy one of their epic floating fishing platforms – they mad us fall in love at first sight.

This time around they give us a look at several of their products and give some specs on their large platform. The platform is made up of three parts, which include two airdeck sections and one surrounding tube that holds them together. The platform also has multiple grips, anchor points andD rings for mounting.

We may have more to look at and be visually amazed by in this clip, but one thing is still true: there’s no need to ever leave the water again. With a release date in may, we’re ready and so are our wallets!

Raptor Platform L and X wide boats

In this video you can see our L size platform, X Wide 180 and X Wide 200 boats.The L size platform consists of three parts:2 airdeck sections of 20cm thick, size each: 2.00mtr x 2.50mtr1 surrounding tube section holding the two airdecksThe platform has multiple grips, anchor points, ropes and d rings. We will supply this unit with 15 D rings which can be used for mounting your tent onto the platform. These d rings need to be glued onto the platform depending on the shape of your own tent. Also this version is equipped with an transom holder for mounting an electric propulsion engine. (in this video we used a 55lbs trust engine)Total weight around 80kg (for all three parts)Easily fits in a larger car (station wagon) and in a pick up truck is not a problem at all.You will need an electric pressure pump to inflate this platform, it can be easily handled by one person.This product will be available in May in limited quantities.

Posted by Raptorboats on Saturday, March 25, 2017

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