VIDEO: Whitetail Deer Hunt With a .50 Caliber BMG Is All Sorts Of Overkill

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There aren’t many animals we can think of that you’d actually need a .50 caliber BMG to hunt, but a whitetail deer certainly isn’t one of them. Still, that didn’t stop Join Keith from finding out what going on a doe hunt with a .50 cal looks like.

He had been testing it out at the shooting range when he decided he wanted to take it on a hunt. Once he spots his target and sets his rifle up, he’s all ready to go. He takes aim and pulls the trigger.

The doe immediately drops from a clean shot.

There’s just one thing — Keith says he missed the doe but it still died. He gives the explanation that the large caliber round generates so much force that it killed the deer from such a near miss.

Judging from the damage done to the eyes, it looks like the bullet could have very well gone in one eye and out the other. But Keith says it never actually hit.

What’re your thoughts? Did he miss by a fraction of an inch or was it a through and through?

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