It looks like Chief Martin Brody knew exactly what he was talking about when he uttered the famous line from Jaws, “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

A film crew investigating a herd of beached whales came to a similar conclusion after having a brutal run-in with a particularly angry great white shark that did everything in its power to flip their boat.

The crew came up to the scene with the beached sperm whales and noticed they had thirteen great whites swimming around their boat. As unnerving as that is to imagine, they carried on and started filming. What could a great white really do when you’re inside a boat anyway, right?

That’s when they noticed the large angry shark that appeared to be staring right at them with its head out of the water. After circling the boat a few times, the shark dove down to the sea floor 20 feet below and swam straight up as hard as it could right into the boat. It hit so hard they actually thought the boat was about to flip and send them into the water.

They manage to get away after being forced to cut the anchor free and head back to shore, but the shark tried everything it could to get the crew into the water. It looks like Jaws may be a little closer to reality than anyone ever realized!


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