Video: Surfer Destroys 60-Foot Waves – Wins $75,000

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After a rocky start with some setbacks, the Eddie Aikau Memorial was a go. Held in Oahu, Hawaii, Thursday was the first time the competition has been held since 2009. Due to the competition only being held when waves top 20 feet in Waimea Bay – Waimea only sees big surf in the winter – organizers and surfers alike hope for a Pacific storm, blocking out a window from December to February.

John John Florence took home a check almost as big as the money he made after he won 301 out of 400 points – crushing 60-foot monsters – at the Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf contest. Not many 23-year-olds make $75,000 for a days work – but not every surfer is John John Florence.

Highlights from the 206 “Eddie” – the biggest in history:

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