VIDEO: Squirrel Finds Out the Hard Way Why it Shouldn’t Tease a Fox

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A deer, a red fox, and a squirrel walk into a backyard. That may sound like the setup to a bad joke, but that’s the exact scenario that played out when a squirrel got a little too comfortable with a seemingly ‘lazy’ fox.

You’d think that squirrels would understand to avoid foxes, especially as long as foxes have been eating squirrels. Apparently, this ‘brave’ little squirrel never got the memo. He pushes his luck and gets closer and closer to the fox, but the second it turns its back it’s all over. The fox pounces and it’s all over in an instant.

The reaction of the deer that was a few dozen yards back was basically all of our reactions. It just stands there and stares, almost as if it was thinking, “I knew it!”

Viewer sent this video in from Bois Blanc Island – pretty wild place up there! – Jimmy

Posted by Michigan Out-of-Doors TV on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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