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VIDEO: Old Lion Rescued From A Hyena Pack By Much Needed Backup

Hyenas attacked this old lion, then help showed up!

A gang of hyenas went after an old lion, thinking it’d be an easy meal. It’s a good thing this old king of the jungle had a buddy nearby watching his back to save him from a gruesome end.

These hyenas do everything they can in an attempt to take the lion down as they surround him and tire him out as he tries his best to fight them off.

It doesn’t take long before it’s obvious he’s almost completely spent and won’t be able to fight them off any longer. That’s when a young lion arrives and offers backup that saves his life.
Help came just in time!

Nature isn’t a great place for growing old

Animals that manage to live past their prime in nature don’t usually meet the most dignified end.

Older animals typically get taken down in brutal fashion by other predators when they’re no longer able to defend themselves.

Even the strongest of predators, like this lion, isn’t a match for getting attacked by multiple smaller animals at once when they have some age on them.

It isn’t hard to see why a male lion rarely lives past the age of 12 in the wild, but are able to live into their early 20s in captivity when they face challenges like this.

Between natural altercations like this and poaching, lions have a hard time reaching their senior years.

Heck, even their own kind will take them down in an attempt to climb the hierarchy of the pride.

Fortunately for this lion, at least for today, a younger member of the pride came and managed to save him.

Being saved also means he’ll likely end up in another similar situation at some point soon that may not end as great for him.


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