VIDEO: Moose Mom Scares Off Grizzly Bear Again and Again

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If there’s one thing we hear about bears all the time it’s that you never get near a mother and her cubs under any circumstances. It turns out someone should tell bears the same thing about moose and their calves.

A grizzly bear in Denali National Park found out over the course of several encounters that it’s a bad idea to mess with a momma moose and her young ones.

It’s hilarious how the bear always nonchalantly comes back after being chased away. It’s almost like it’s thinking that it’ll all work out if it just tries one more time.

The grizzly keeps following the moose family, but every time it gets a little too close the mom turns around and charges, forcing the bear to retreat.

Unfortunately for the bear, the moose only gets more aggressive as the bear continues to aggravate her by not backing down.

This goes on for a long time before the bear realizes it won’t prevail eventually gives up after running off in a final parking lot altercation.

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