VIDEO : Mississippi Lionfish On Oil Rigs

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Florida is not the only state with a lionfish problem. This video was taken September 6, 2014 during Tomento’s lionfish derby. More than 150 lionfish were collected off of Mississippi during three dives and only two shooters! All lionfish were used for research and brought to local restaurants for dinner.



Alex Fogg produced this fantastic video of the invasive and fast multiplying lion fish. He also shot the amazing footage of the lion fish on a Florida airplane wreck.

What do you know about lionfish? They are typically known as beautiful, unique fish that inhabit saltwater aquariums. Did you know from a handful of fish in 1985 (Dania Beach was the first reported sighting) that their population has exploded all over the world. They are an invasive species threatening saltwater fish, wildlife and habitat. The FWC actually encourages people to kill lionfish – on the spot – by whatever means possible.

The Mission of the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition is: to educate the public, and increase awareness of the threats posed by the invasive lionfish to Gulf Coast fisheries and marine ecosystems; to promote and facilitate the removal of lionfish by volunteer divers; and, to promote and facilitate the consumption of lionfish by the public via restaurants and seafood markets.

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