VIDEO: Meteor Tears Across The Sky In Russia For The Third Time In Four Months

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Meteors must like Russia, because they keep showing up there.

For the third time in four months, a meteor entered the atmosphere over Siberia in the Krasnoyarsk region.

Numerous locals captured footage of the meteor flying across the sky; many of them were frightened.

“I panicked as it sounded and looked like a plane on fire, I got really scared of the noise and shine it created,” said a from Krasnoyarsk.

“I pulled a phone out of a pocket, but it flew across the sky so fast that I only caught a long white trace it left.”


The clip below shows the meteor from the perspective of two brothers that recorded the meteor accidentally while filming a video.

“I was with my brother, making a funny video and I accidentally caught a meteor in the sky behind him,” said the man behind the camera.

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