A group fishermen off had the shock of their lives when a giant mako shark jumped into their boat and got stuck while they were off of Long Island, New York.

Having a shark randomly jump into your boat is probably one of the quickest possible ways to wake someone up. If it had landed even an inch or two differently this could’ve been a much more dangerous situation for everyone.

The shark can be seen progressively getting bloodier and bloodier as it struggles to free itself while they boat crew figures out a way to safely free the shark. They eventually were able to safely release the shark after about 20 minutes.

The key in all of this is that the crew handled this in a safe manner. There are a lot of detractors saying they should have freed it faster and all they had to do was rush up behind it and push it off. Sure, they could’ve done that, but doing so would’ve put more than the shark in danger.

If only they had this guy on board, things would’ve gone a lot more smoothly.



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