Having an awareness of your surroundings when on the water is always important when on the water. Wearing a life jacket is also necessary, as this video shows, because you never know what’s going to happen

This Minnesota man was out fishing recently when a jet ski comes up on him before he can even react and rams the boat, sending the fisherman flying into the water. Fortunately for everyone involved, they weren’t injured and the boat and jet ski sustained minimal damage.

Jet ski rams bass fisherman

This video is an important reminder to wear your life jacket and always be aware of your surroundings on the water! One of our friends in Minnesota was fishing recently when a jet ski rammed into his boat catapulting the young rider into the water, and forcing the fisherman to jump into the lake. Thankfully, neither person was injured, and both jet ski and boat sustained minimal damage.A far better outcome than what could have happened.

Posted by Bassmaster on Thursday, September 7, 2017


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