VIDEO: Hunter Calls Massive Bull And Nearly Gets Run Over

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You never know what you’re gonna get when attempting to call in an animal, but we’d assume you’d want the animal to come to where you’re calling.

After calling for a bull elk, a hunter gets exactly what he was looking for when a massive bull emerges from the forest and starts walking his way. The bull must’ve decided to come a lot closer than the hunter wanted him to because it makes a straight shot right for him, sending the hunter into a slight panic and telling the bull to get away.

That’s probably the most confusing and biggest letdown for that bull. He thought he was going to round the corner and find a female waiting for him, but instead, he has a guy insult him and tell him to get away!

Big Bull Tuesday This huge bull was called in and walks head-on into him nearly stomping him. It's all fun and games until your inches away from this toad!! #mossbackoutfitters #bulelk #bowhunting #utah #publicland #hunting #elk

Posted by BigGame Forever on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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