VIDEO: Humpback Whale Won’t Leave This Woman’s Side; It Ends Up Protecting Her From A Shark

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Marine biologist Nan Hauser was a little freaked out when a humpback whale swam up to her and wouldn’t leave her alone. It wasn’t just swimming near her, it was nudging her and moving her around under water.

Having no idea what was causing the whale to do this, she thought she might be in danger and wanted to get back to her boat.

It turns out she was in danger; it just wasn’t in the way she thought.

Unknown to Nan, there was a tiger shark swimming around the area. Fortunately, the whale decided to take it upon itself to make sure no harm came to the woman as it stayed right by her side and out of the sharks reach.

Having spent much of her life studying and protecting whales, it’s incredible that a whale ended up protecting her.

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