VIDEO: This Guy Walks Faster Than Most People Can Run

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Saying someone can walk faster than someone can run is a fairly confusing statement. Running’s faster than walking, so how could a walker beat someone who’s running?

By looking fairly ridiculous and nearly throwing their hips out of socket, apparently.

Richard Luettchau II is a competitive race walker and here he discusses how he walks a mile in six minutes and 40 seconds. While this obviously isn’t your average walking style of anyone — having to go to the bathroom really bad might look similar — it’s actually an Olympic sport.

The craziest part is that Olympic race walkers can walk a mile in under six minutes!

As bizarre as that sounds, if curling can be in the Olympics then anything can.

Even so, Olympic athlete or not, getting outwalked by someone while you’re running has got to be the last thing anyone wants to go through.

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