Video: Diving Through a Bait Ball Is a Completely out of This World, Psychedelic Experience

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Smaller fish that feel threatened by a predator will often start to swarm form a sphere-like shape as they move around called a bait ball. These bait balls are used fish in order to scare away any would-be predators that wanted to turn them into a snack.

As you can see, bait balls are an incredible ocean wonder that’s as entrancing as it is beautiful. This particular diver decided to take the bait ball experience one step further and swim right through the middle of one at Australia’s Ningaloo Reed on July 11.

Swimming through the bait ball, the fish almost create an interactive version of some kind of kaleidoscope/stereogram hybrid.

One thing is for certain. Swimming through a bait ball is super trippy and just might have you wondering if someone slipped you something.


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