Even the king of the jungle needs to take extra precautions when jumping in the water.

Two young male lions were spotted crossing the Linyanti river at Wilderness Safaris’ King’s Pool camp in Botswana when a crocodile started closing in. It looks like the brothers spot the croc but they still decide to keep swimming.

At this point, it probably would’ve been a great idea to turn around, but you try telling a lion what to do!

The crocodile picks up speed as they get closer and ends up attacking the younger lion. The older lion defends his little brother and attacks the crocodile. He saves him but ends up being taken underwater as a result.

It looks like that’s it for the older lion and the younger of the two starts swimming back. Amazingly enough, the older brother can be seen pulling himself up into the reeds and ended up escaping with no injuries.


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