VIDEO: Coalition Of Cheetahs Nearly Attacks Family At Safari Park

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It seems like it’d be common sense to not steps out of your vehicle when surrounded by an army of large cats that can easily kill you. That didn’t stop this family from nearly losing their lives when they wanted a better look at the cheetahs at a safari park.

They cheetahs didn’t take much notice when the family first got out of their vehicle — they definitely took issue with it the second time.

The tourists who are filming drive up to a situation that only looks like it could end badly for the tourists. They can be seen scrambling to escape several cheetahs as more come running up. Luckily, they are all able to escape and get back into their car unharmed.

We’re not sure what would make a family take their children into the middle of a massive amount of cheetahs, even one would be too many. But we do know that procreation obviously isn’t meant for everyone after this incident.

WARNING: Video Contains Some NSFW Language

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