VIDEO: Angry Turkey Attacks Decoy, Chases Hunter Who Takes the Fake Bird Away

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Apparently turkeys really hate decoys once they figure out they aren’t actually a fellow turkey. That was the case with this curious bird at least.

What starts off as a full on circling stare down quickly turned into a rage fueled assault on a stuffed turkey. Naturally, you don’t want to sit back and watch as a decoy that you spent money get destroyed, so the hunter sends a friend in to grab the decoy.

The hunter quickly found out that the only thing a turkey hates more than a stuffed bird is the hunter that tries to take the stuffed bird away before it’s done destroying it.

Why Hunters have to carry guns!!!

Why Hunters have to carry guns!!!video credit: Cody Kipp

Posted by RAISED HUNTING on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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