VIDEO: 10-Year-Old Catches Catfish with a Diamondback Water Snake Latched to It

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Catching fish is typically pretty straightforward. You cast a line, hook a fish and reel a fish in. But sometimes that fish might have a surprise that comes up with it.

That was the case for Chipper Burman when he caught a catfish recently. The 10-year-old Texan

The 10-year-old Texan was fishing by himself at a private family pond when he landed a catfish, just like any other time. Except, this time it wasn’t just a catfish he reeled in because it had a guest – a diamondback water snake that had locked its jaws around the head of the fish and wouldn’t let go.

Though it looks similar to another diamondback snake that’s known to be deadly, the snake was non-venomous so Burman wasn’t in any danger.

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