Two Hunters Win $9,240 For Killing 20 Coyotes In Competition

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If you thought the only benefit of killing coyotes was getting rid of pests, you might want to talk to Alex Poole and Logan Jones of Lynchburg, Virginia. The two hunters recently won a predator killing tournament which saw a total of 300 hunters aiming for getting the most kills at the Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship.

The competition, which is held in Wytheville, saw hunters come from as far as Maine as they attempted to kill the most predators east of the Mississippi between 6 p.m. Friday and 4 p.m. Sunday.

Poole and Jones narrowly beat out two hunters from Illinois who had killed 19 coyotes. Luckily for Poole and Jones, they’re 20th coyote won them the $9,240 prize for “most coyotes killed.”

“People are really weirded out by it,” Jeremy Brown, a hunter who killed 31 foxes with his partner, Mike Burgess, told reporters. “They see this driving down the road, and we get a lot of middle fingers.”

Since the hunted animals are considered a nuisance species and have no natural predators, keeping their numbers down with tournaments like this plays a big part in controlling their population sizes.

“Our farmers beg us to come out and hunt. They’re going to poison them or trap them. So we’ll come out and shoot what we can,” Brown said to the newspaper.

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