Truck Burns to Ground, Somehow Yeti Cup Stays Intact WITH Ice

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Andrew Ladshaw posted a photo collage on his Facebook page of a burning truck, the aftermath (everything burnt to a crisp), and his Yeti cup somehow still intact AND ice! With temperatures over 1,200-degrees in a vehicle fire, Yeti not only constructed an awesome way to keep your beverages cold but apparently a way to survive roaring fires as well.


From Ladshaw’s page, “If you need a reason to buy a yeti cup, it’s the only thing left after the truck burnt up, and yes that’s ice in the cup, ‪#‎yeti‬ ‪#‎neednewtruc k‬ ‪#‎hatefire‬ The lid was the only thing burnt up!!”

What’s even cooler than this story is the response from Yeti. He received a handwritten note from Luke from Yeti along with replacements for the Yeti products in the truck.


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