Trail Cam Photographs Naked Man High on LSD Who Thought He Was a Tiger

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Wildlife cameras got an eye-full when they captured Marek H. – a Czech man – running on all four legs in the middle of the night. He also happened to be completely naked.

Marek had apparently decided to take LSD in order to fight the depression he said he suffered from, according to reports.

It looks like the drugs beat his depression, because as soon as he took them he stripped down and started running around on all four legs because he believed he was a Siberian tiger. He then proceeded to ‘catch’ the scent of his prey and ran after it for eight hours and a total of 15.5 miles.

Police received photos of the man from foresters. They eventually tracked him down and apprehended him, which caused him to confess he had taken LSD. Even though he confessed, he wasn’t charged since he didn’t actually have the drugs on him but he will be fined.

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