In an incident that is sure to make you feel a little easier about going into your job on Monday, an Australian zoo keeper was attacked by a tiger while walking through surrounding bushland on the grounds.

The incident took place Thursday morning at the Sunshine Coast’s Australia Zoo, which was founded by the late Steve Irwin, and left Che Woolcott with puncture wounds on his head and forearm.

A statement released by Australia Zoo describes the incident: “While walking through surrounding bushland at the Zoo, Ranu — Australia Zoo’s 12-year-old male Sumatran tiger — became overly interested in his surroundings and when his handler approached him to change direction, he swatted his paw resulting in a scratch on his left wrist, bicep and right side of the forehead.”

Terri Irwin took to social media to keep her twitter followers updated on the incident and even posting a video of Che briefly describing the incident:

He seems a little more carefree than I’d imagine being after nearly having my head swatted off by a tiger, but these things do happen when dealing with tigers from time to time.


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