The Most Versatile Boat in the World Raises Almost $200,000 – and Counting – on Kickstarter

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Kickstarter has funded some crazy projects over the last few years from the “world’s best jacket” that raised over $9 million dollars (yes, $9 MILLION for a jacket) to a potato salad making campaign that brought in $55,492. With some of the brilliant ideas to some of the ridiculous none have touched directly on the needs of boaters like this newest campaign. Enter “The Most Versatile Boat in the World”…

From Flycraft’s Kickstarter page: “I had long envisioned a boat that didn’t exist. I searched and searched for the answer. Everywhere we turned was a dead end. I’ve been a boat guy all my life, from pontoons and canoes to drift boats. There are a lot of boat options out there, but none could do everything I wanted. As I searched for the perfect boat, I couldn’t help but thinking, “You’re doing it wrong!”. The only solution was to design our own watercraft. After two years of extensive R&D Flycraft was born.”

To view more photos and information on this project, or to contribute, click here: Flycraft Kickstarter

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