Teenage Goldfish Gets Custom ‘Fish Braces’ … Seriously

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Remember when you got braces? While braces are a rite of passage for most teens, they’ve never been known for their lifesaving potential – until now.

Meet “Mr. Hot Wing,” the adorable fish who got his own custom braces.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Unlike most, Mr. Hot Wing didn’t get his braces to get that perfect smile, his braces keep him alive. Born without a lower jaw bone, Hot Wing didn’t stand much chance without some professional help from a very creative veterinarian.

Created by veterinary dermatologist Brian Palmeiro, the device helps Hot Wing keeps his mouth open so he can properly eat and breath.

If the object fashioned to his jaw looks familiar, it should. It’s a piece of an old credit card that happened to act as the perfect counterweight for Mr. Wing. The procedure cost the owner around $150. A little inflated for a typical goldfish, but a small price to pay for the star that is Mr. Hot Wing.



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