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Viral Video Alert: Sea Lion Yanks Girl Into Water

Here's your daily reminder that just because something may look cute or funny doesn't mean it can't kill you. This young girl and her family learned that the hard way after a sea lion bit her and pulled her into the water while she was posing for a picture at Steveston Fisherman's Wharf, Richmond ...

Starving Sea Lion Pup Found in La Jolla Restaurant Booth

A baby sea lion was found in a La Jolla restaurant booth. About the last thing you'd expect to find in a restaurant, the 8-month-old sea lion pup, named Marina, was discovered in a state of malnourishment and dehydration. Despite her initial condition, she's said to now be getting along great after ...

Amazing, violent photos capture sea lion versus shark

Who's your money on when a thresher shark battles a sea lion in a life or death battle? Newport Coastal Adventure just posted some incredible photos from Ryan Lawler showing the battle off California on their Facebook page. Don't scroll down if you're afraid of chunks of shark, or blood thirsty sea ...

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