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Fly Fishing Creeks and Streams

The Perfect Marriage Of Fishing And Hiking Our resources of time and money are finite.  Many of us well-rounded outdoor fanatics enjoy a variety of activities so we have to pick and choose. If we were able to combine what we love, capture their benefits, and still have time for the rest of lives, many

Free Diver Explores An Underwater World In Incredible Footage

We’re always amazed at just how beautiful the underwater world can be. We don’t often see it, but when we do in the way that free diver Guillaume Néry shows us, it’s breathtaking. From swimming with whales to diving into caverns, Néry shows us a world that’s has to be experienced to full appreciate.

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VIDEO – Epic Mullet Migration Action

During the first week of the Florida mullet migration, BlackTipH filmed this incredible footage of predators (tarpon, jacks, sharks, snook, etc..) feeding on massive schools of mullet. This occurs every year on the east coast of Florida. Watch tarpon explode out of the water, bull sharks chasing tarpon and mullet, jacks in a total feeding

Shark Attack Recorded On GoPro

Where does shark attack rank in your ultimate fears? What if you videoed that frightening moment on camera? For Sam Smith he can now relive that moment forever – if he so chooses. Sam was recording with a helmet-mounted GoPro when a shark attacked him while spearfishing.     Recently we profiled the rise in

Crazy Fishing Underwater Video

Fishing can be challenging because of so many variables that are beyond your control, but how about jumping into the water to do your fishing. Mix in a live catch and release and you have the making of a viral video!

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Family Fishing Guide

With moms and dads busy working for the family, everyone tired of doing household chores and kids mentally drained absorbing  lessons for their school subjects, it’s just time to consider doing some family outdoor activities. One pastime that the whole family may consider is fishing. Although it looks boring, it has lots of benefits to

7 Fishing Ideas and Tips For When You Don’t Have Gear

When the urge to fish strikes, will you be ready? That sounds like quite an absolute statement, of course, but it’s important to have the know-how necessary to turn an everyday item into a piece of fishing equipment if necessary. After all, fishing isn’t just a hobby but a skill that you can use as

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Fly Fishing Creeks and Streams

The Perfect Marriage Of Fishing And Hiking Our resources of time and money are finite.  Many of us well-rounded outdoor fanatics enjoy a variety of activities so we have to

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What To Pack For A Guided Fishing Trip

You’ve chosen your next vacation destination, booked your flights, and arranged a guided fishing trip. You’re ready for your next aquatic adventure. The headache is over…until you have to pack!

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The Pinta, the Nina, the Santa Maria

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Illegal Charter Captain Arrested By Coast Guard

The second time within a month the boat has been caught An unlicensed charter captain was arrested in Miami after the U.S. Coast Guard terminated the voyage of Breaking the Habit, a 45-foot pleasure craft. Angel Jose Limongi offered his boat to anyone who wanted to spend $1,000 or more to cruise around Biscayne Bay.

Boat Captain Arrested After Killing Jet Skier While Going 73 MPH In No Wake Zone

The intoxicated captain had a child on board and was later charged with manslaughter A Redington Beach man who was arrested by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office for running over and killing a jet skier while drunk has been charged with manslaughter. The accident happened over Labor Day weekend. Jesse Mayer, 35, was speeding at

Flatbed Launch: Boat Sinks At Marina Ramp

Tow trucks are great at sinking boats A day on the water turns into a hilarious nightmare when this boat sinks at the ramp. It looks like these guys had been out on the water for the day before they ended up nearly losing their boat. We’re not sure what initially happened to jack-up the

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A Father And His Son Take On The Great Outdoors

The gift of having a son is an eye opening experience for any man. I find myself constantly comparing my relationship with my son to my dad’s relationship with me. My dad was always great at finding father son activities to do with me. Most of them revolved around sports and outdoor activities. I try

VIDEO: Weasel Goes In For The Kill In Vicious Fight With A Marmot

A family got a prime view of nature in action during a camping trip in the Colorado Rockies when a weasel and a marmot entered into an all-out fight to the death right by their camp. They though the two animals were just playing around when they started fighting as the kids watched on. Then the weasel

VIDEO: Top 10 Beautiful Hike In The World Give Us All Wanderlust

With the weather heating up and freezing temperatures becoming a distant memory, it’s impossible not to dream about hopping on a trail and exploring. You’d be hard-pressed to find a destination more beautiful than what these trails offer. Wherever your map takes you, just get out there an enjoy the outdoors!

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Watch Our Venice Louisiana Trip

An absolutely unforgettable trip too Venice Louisiana with the Outdoors360 team, Mexican Gulf Charters and Southern Way Charters. The Outdoors360 team was hosted by Sportsmans Lodge in Venice Louisiana

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