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Top 10 Videos That Prove Animals Hate Drones

Animals hate drones. They hate them so much in fact, that they go out of their way to completely annihilate anything that even resembles a mini aircraft. Heck, even the police are training animals to destroy the things. If these 10 animals have their way, the Terminator will never stand a chance.

Pet Dog Attacked By Crocodile on Camera

WARNING: This video is hard to watch, especially if you're a dog lover. This is an important time to post this video as a majority of our readers are entering Spring time - when gators and crocodiles become more and more active. Please be cautious on or near the habitat where they live. This dog ...

Hound Dog Finds Missing Three-Year-Old Boy

There's nothing like the sinking feeling of having a missing child. The Alcock family experienced every parents nightmare last Tuesday when their son, Eli, vanished from their home. “Imagining never seeing him again … never hearing him again. Just the reality of what was happening … I mean it ...

Most Excited Dog in the World Goes Wild for Dog Park

Absolute excitement is the only way to describe the feeling this crazy canine gets as he anticipates playing ball at the puppy park.  He can hardly contain himself on the 20-minute trek taking him to doggie heaven. Luckily for us, his owner captured all of the hysteria on his smartphone. ...

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