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VIDEO: Sight Fishing for Cobia

Time and time again BlacktipH has proven that if you can't be out on the water, living vicariously through them is the next best thing. In this latest episode, they join up with Captain Austin from Finao Sportfishing Charters in Virginia Beach to sight fish for cobia. Conditions weren't great on ...

Giant Shark Defeats Two Experienced Fisherman

BlacktipH has the most popular fishing channel on a YouTube for good reason. Monster fish, quality video, and tons of entertainment. It's not everyday that you hook a giant shark like the one in this video. This shark was extremely strong! We used a cobia carcass for bait and within 15 minutes, ...

Video: Monster Fishing on Shallow Florida Wrecks

We're huge fans of BlackTipH and Josh Jorgensen because of their consistently high quality work, and the fact they're always raising the bar with new and different videos featuring some of Florida's best fishing. This video has now been viewed over 3 million times. To find out why, click below, sit ...

Epic footage of the Florida Mullet Migration

Joshua Jorgensen of BlacktipH Fishing creates some of the most incredible saltwater fishing videos every year. He may have outdone himself with this latest epic footage off Florida's coast. From their YouTube page: Every fall millions of mullet in schools larger than a football field travel south ...

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