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Self-Isolation Training Tips for Archers

There is a vast multitude of side effects caused by the lockdowns that most countries have been enforcing to try and stop the spread of COVID-19. While the worst thing about this whole mess is the amount of suffering and death it’s caused, there are other issues. The loneliness for some people ...

VIDEO: Firing 10 Arrows from a Bow at Once

We wouldn't recommend attempting to fire 10 arrows from your bow at once on your next hunting trip, but if you're curious about what that would look like, Matt from Demo Ranch has you covered. Matt basically Green Arrow's his way into hitting a target as many times as possible in one shot. ...

VIDEO: Hunter Nails Two Rattlesnakes With One Arrow

Snakes aren't exactly the biggest targets in the world. That's why this shot that pierced two rattlesnakes with a single arrow so impressive. Did the hunter have to kill the two snakes? No he didn't. But judging from the comments on the video you'd think he had fired his bow at two children playing ...

Westside Wildcat Archery Wins State Title; Nationals Next

What do you know about archery? I honestly don't much other than what I've seen in the movies, and, here's a shocker - that's almost all entirely fake! The sport has received a recent boost in popularity, especially among our youth, because of the hit trilogy "The Hunger Games" in which the ...

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