‘Survivorman’ Les Stroud Says He Saved Tom Green a Grizzly Bear…But Did He Really?

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Les Stroud, who’s most known for his appropriately named survival show, ‘Survivorman,’ recently sent the Internet into some confusion when he posted a picture claiming to have saved comedian Tom Green from a grizzly bear. The hard to believe claim came via Twitter and was accompanied with a picture of the two men lying in a hospital bed, bandaged up, but not ripped apart like bear attacks tend to do.

The caption with the picture claimed film shooting had not gone as planned. It seems very possible when you put a man who famously survives with nothing but a couple of select items, a camera and is dropped off in remote locations across the globe and Tom Green, who has a fondness for pushing boundaries.

Fortunately for all those who are curious and for Stroud and Green, the pictures were a joke and the supposed attack was only for a movie the two of them were a part of.

It looks like Survivorman lives to survive another day.

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