Surfer Rides The Biggest Wave Ever After Tackling 80-Foot Monster

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Big wave surfers are in a league of their own when it comes to their willingness to take on something that could easily kill them if things don’t go perfectly. But not every big wave surfer can have the title of having ridden the biggest wave.

A successful ride of an insane 80-foot-tall wave off Portugal has recently bestowed the world-record for biggest wave ever surfed to Brazilian surfer, Rodrigo Koxa.

Although Koxa rode the wave in Nazara back on November 8, the World Surf League just determined at the Big Wave Awards that he had ridden a wave that was 80 feet high.

That meant he had beaten the previous world record of 78 feet, which was held by Garrett McNamara and set in 2011.

The World Surf League awards “the surfer who, by any means available, catches the biggest wave of the year. … Not only did Koxa win this year’s honor, but he now holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave surfed.”

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