Shark Takes Chunk Out of Surfer’s Leg at Florida Beach

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It’s been a year for shark attacks and Florida. For the fourth time off the Brevard County coastline this year, a surfer was attacked by a shark at Pelican Beach Park in Satellite Beach, Florida.

The surfer, who hasn’t been identified, had ‘wounds indicative of a small shark bite or similar toothed sea creature,’ reports Florida Today

WARNING: Graphic Content Below

Paramedics arrived on scene to treat the man’s wounds. Even though the bite looks pretty gruesome, he refused to be taken to the hospital after initial treatment for the bite to his calf.

Image: Dalton Smith

Image: Dalton Smith

Lifeguards stated the man was in the water when the injury occurred android they responded to the incident around 2:55pm on Tuesday.

Dalton Smith, a fellow surfer, witnessed the aftermath and took photos as the man was being treated.

Sharks aren’t uncommon to the area – bull, lemon and other sharks populate the beach and are known to ‘latch on quickly, thinking a human leg is fish food, and then swim away,’ according to Daily Mail.

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