See Whales Hunts Down Shark in Incredible First Time Video

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So, what happens when the tables get turned on a shark? A pod of false killer whales just flipped the ocean script as we all know it.

Nature at it’s cruelest/finest.

Bruno Kataoka shot the encounter with a drone. Four whales chase and hunt down a fleeing shark when one of the whales grabs the shark, and then dives into the depths for a surprise meal.


Kataoka couldn’t believe his luck at witnessing such an awe-inspiring, natural event. “It was exciting, it was a really exciting moment,” he told 7 News. “National Geographic guys [would be] waiting months to get such a thing, and we just happened to be there at the right moment, at the right time.”

The bit of footage is thrilling, with such an attack being a particularly rare sight. “Oh it’s amazing, that kind of footage is just so rare to catch,” marine biologist Georgina Wood told the television station.

“We generally see a lot of action from humpbacks here in Sydney, especially during these winter months, and they can get up to around 14 to 15 metres (45 to 49 feet) long,” she said.

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