The Roomba for Lawns Will Make Mowing Your Grass a Thing of the Past

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The worst part about mowing the lawn is that it can take a lot of time away from doing the things you really want to do. If only those little Roombas could somehow mow the yard, then you’d have an always beautiful lawn with time to do whatever you want.

Honda just gave you (or anyone who can afford it at least) freedom from mowing on your weekend (or any other day) when all you want to do is either relax and take it easy. The Honda Miimo is to yard work what those self vacuuming hockey pucks are to housework.

The Miimo has adjustable blades that can be changed from your phone or a remote control. It even uses lawn clippings as fertilizer by depositing them across your lawn. With a run time of 30 to 70 minutes, it may not get the entire yard at first, but thanks to its ability to self dock at a recharging station, it’ll keep your grass in check without worry.

At a price point of $4,299, they aren’t cheap, especially since they tend to mow in erratic patterns and don’t consistently hit the edges.

So the Miimo hasn’t solved all of your grass cutting needs, but it certainly provides an an interesting and helpful start.

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