Hammocks have been around forever and have remained relatively unchanged in their basic setup. The straightforward design creates the ultimate lounging opportunity as long as you have two sturdy objects to tie it off inbetween.

Outdoor retailer REI has jumped into the hammock game by creating one that mixes in aspects you’d find in a tent. What they ended up with is something they call the quarter dome air hammock, which  is a bridge hammock that brings the comfort of a hammock with the space of a tent. Anyone who’s ever slept in a hammock will appreciate any extra space they can get.

The extra space is thanks to a pole at each end of the hammock that allow it to spread the fabric, creating a large sleeping space that measures 7-foot by 2-foot and weighs just 3 pounds 2 ounces, which is comparable to single person backpacking tents. It even comes with a rainfly and an integrated bug net, which is imperative with any camping hammock.

At a price point of $219, it’s not the most affordable hammock on the market, but it’s definitely a hammock that’ll more than make up for it with a great nights sleep.


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