Funniest Police Officers Ever Rescue ‘Injured Otter’ and See What Happens

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Police officers in Shropshire, England recently had an interesting encounter when they responded to reports that an injured otter was on the side of the road.

It turns out what responding Newport officers found wasn’t an injured or an otter at all.

It does look like it could be an otter (maybe) from a distance. What it actually turned out to be was the fake fur collar from a coat.

Choosing to take the ridiculous factor of the fake otter case even further, Newport officers decided to help their new friend recover from the trauma in their van.

Feeling well rested and with internet access, Ollie the Faux Otter checked out what everyone was saying about his ordeal.

With all of the commotion over Ollie’s new celebrity status, fans are being given the chance to meet the furry guy:

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