Aryanna Gourdin is no stranger to people threatening to kill her for doing what she loves – hunting. The 13-year-old from Cove, Utah, really has a knack for making people want to murder her (you probably remember the whole 12-year-old that Piers Morgan wanted to slaughter her cat and half the internet hated for hunting in Africa) for “murdering” animals. We’d try to pretend that made any sort of sense but our imaginations have some limits.

Gourdin’s latest hate inducing hunting act happened after she tagged two mature red stags, with the help of Kaweka Hunting, on a trip with her family to New Zealand. Her second of the two scored in at an impressive 404 inches and the video she posted of it received over 115,000 view so far.

Nothing about any of her photos suggests the animals were harvested in anything other than an ethical manner.

Unless all of her haters are under the mistaken assumption that they made it to 2017 because their ancestors gulped down air as a food source, we aren’t completely certain of their delusion.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself:


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