Outfitter Arrested for Scamming Hunters with Guided Trips

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The owner of Whitetail Ridge Outfitters, located in Iowa, was arrested on felony charges after scamming multiple hunters out of guided trips.

Andy Wulf, of Tipton, was arrested by the Davis County Sheriff’s Office as a result of a fraud investigation. The investigation into his business was launched after several complaints from clients were made, claiming they had paid Wulf large sums of money for hunting trips he never had any intention of providing.

Hunters who paid for his services are saying they were completely ripped off and taken to areas with no signs of deer anywhere in sight. Wulf would also abandon his clients after a couple of days, leaving them high and dry while ignoring all calls and texts from them. A Facebook page called Andy Wulf Whitetail Ridge Outfitters Reviews features review after review of former customers who had dealings with him, speaking about their shady dealings with the thief.

From the sound of it, Wulf had gotten away with an insane amount of money before his deceit caught up to him. One man claims he and his group were ripped off for $18,000 while others say they lost $9,600 on a bogus hunt.

Just those two cases are pushing $30,000. He’s done this multiple other times. That’s completely insane that he got away with that much money! It’s incredibly unlikely, but hopefully some of these clients can receive restitution.

Wulf is being held on a $25,000 cash bond at the Davis county jail.

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